Shotgun Ammo

All around the world, shotguns are the domestic and professional choice for short-range combat, protection, close-range game hunting, and pop-up wedding security administration. Whatever your reasons for needing high-quality new ammunition, Georgia Arms has the shotgun ammo you need, at prices you want! We’ve been one of Georgia’s best little-kept secrets for years, and we can’t wait to partner with you in protecting and supplying the Shotgun Ammo and other bulk ammunition you need to keep proudly exercising your 2nd amendment rights.

For most American-made shotguns, there are typically four option categories when you’re looking at high-quality shotgun ammunition. The four big categories are birdshot, buckshot, slugs, and buckshot/slug combo. Bear in mind, we’re only talking categories, not caliber. Birdshot, the smallest category, contains the smallest type of shotgun pellets. Birdshot is often the pellet of choice when hunting small game, and has become increasingly popular in regards to home defense. Buckshot is the shell of choice for larger game, and intro level tactical shotgun ammo. Buckshot is made with much larger individual pellets than birdshot. Slugs are actually not made of pellets, but instead are comprised of a solid lead, steel, or sometimes a rubber projectile that fires in a single line instead of a spread pattern, like birdshot and buckshot.

While Georgia Arms specializes in Buckshot and Slugs, we have a wide variety of Gauges, ranging from 12 Gauge Buckshot Fiocchi shells, to 12, 16, 20, and 28 Gauge Shotgun Slugs. Our high-quality shells are some of the best shot shell ammunition in the entire Southeastern United States. Before a shotgun shell is even considered for Georgia Arms manufacturing it goes through an 18-point checklist of specifications. And that’s before we even begin the manufacturing process! You can rest assured that any Georgia Arms ammo you procure from our storehouse is quality controlled, and affordable! So if you want more bang for your buck, forget all the rest, and use Georgia Arms for all your bulk shotgun ammo needs! 


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