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Are you looking for new or remanufactured ammunition for a fantastic day at the range or your next long-gun competition? Are you looking for high-quality, bulk ammo that is outstanding as it is affordable? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Georgia Arms has a huge stock of quality, affordable rifle ammo! From Standard Target & Match Loads to popular calibers like 223, 308, and 5.56 ammunition for your correctly chambered rifles, Georgia Arms has your bulk rifle ammo needs covered! Check out our collection online on this site and place your order with the ease of online ordering. Or if you prefer to see with your own eyes, come on down to our Villa Rica, GA showroom, and see our bulk new and remanufactured rifle ammo for yourself!

“I’ve had no problems with 45,38,9mm,308, and I've been using it for 7+ yrs. The 308 match in 168 gr groups really well, too.“~Surveyor, Long-Time Customer

When choosing new or remanufactured rifle ammo, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Attempting to shoot even the most well-made rifle cartridges from an incorrectly chambered rifle can cause extensive damage to your firearm, or even more dire, put yourself or those around you in danger. So make sure that what you get is what you can use, including the length of your chosen cartridge. If in any way you are unsure about your purchase or the bulk order you’re getting for a loved one, feel free to call the experts at Georgia Arms before you purchase. We stand behind our new and remanufactured ammunition. But if you choose to purchase and load an incorrect caliber for your rifle, handgun, or shotgun, there is very little that any ammo manufacturer can do. If you’re unsure, just ask! There’s no shame in doing your due diligence before purchasing high-quality bulk rifle ammo! But when you’re ready, we hope you’ll make Georgia Arms your #1 choice for bulk new and remanufactured ammo!

“The 500 or so rounds I have shot were all good stuff. I would buy from them again without hesitation.” ~Ohen Cepel, Shooting Enthusiast

To make your next purchase of high-quality rifle ammo, simply choose the “select by caliber” heading, choose a category, or simply scroll through our rifle ammo section. You can also utilize the search bar at the top of the page to navigate to your desired rifle ammunition. Or if you’d rather do things in person, and you’re in the West Georgia area, come on down to our showroom in Villa Rica, less than a mile off I-20. For more in-depth info on specific loads and calibers, check out these pages!

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