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For quality and affordable handgun ammo, contact Georgia Arms. We have New and Remanufactured ammo for your .380 and .40 S&W handguns, your 9mm and 10mm handguns, even your .357 and .45 handguns! And we carry ammunition for so many more handguns than even those popular calibers! Our quality is 2nd to none, and our prices are the best anywhere around! There’s a reason why Georgia Arms is the South’s #1 new and remanufactured ammunition dealer for handgun ammo, rifle ammo, shotgun ammo, and so much more. So check out our site, call in your order, or if you’re in the area, stop by our showroom! You will surely be pleased with your small, medium, or bulk purchase of Georgia Arms ammunition. Don’t delay! Get your next order today!

“I have used their pistol ammunition for years. Never a problem, and I'm very fond of their 185gr .44 Special loads…I've never heard a whisper of trouble with their pistol ammo.” ~Tom Servo, satisfied customer

Georgia Arms and Ammunition is a localized company, centrally located in West Georgia. Our process for remanufactured ammunition is the perfect blend of sophisticated machinery and hand inspection. Our machines are capable of producing over 300,000 rounds per day, which sounds like a lot for a medium-sized ammo remanufacturing firm. And we’ll admit, it is definitely hard work. But for your bulk ammunition needs, anything less than the best will simply not do. Before we even consider using a cartridge for our high-quality ammunition, it must pass our extensive multi-point checklist of requirements and specifications. So you can imagine that if we put all that work into ensuring our process starts with only the best brass, shells, and cartridges, that the rest of our quality control processes are remarkable!

”I have shot thousands of rounds of their .223 and several thousand cumulative rounds of several calibers of their canned heat centerfire handgun ammo and have never had an issue with it.” ~Shootniron, Satisfied Firearm Enthusiast

To make your next purchase, simply choose from the caliber list, or scroll through our handgun section. You can also utilize the search bar at the top of the page to navigate to your chosen ammunition. For more in-depth info on specific loads and calibers, check out these pages!

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