.223 REM

New, Remanufactured & Reloaded 223 Ammo For Sale

Are you looking for reloaded .223 Remington ammo for sale for your rifle, or your loved one’s rifle? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Georgia Arms has been the Southeast’s #1 resource for new and remanufactured bulk ammo for all kinds of ammunition, including .223 Remington ammo! Our quality is remarkable. Our prices are amazing.

If you want more bang for your buck when looking for bulk .223 Remington rifle ammunition, Georgia Arms has everything you need to keep your muzzles overflowing with quality rounds of all the .223 Remington rifle bullets you can handle! So whether you own a Savage Axis or Save 25 Walking Varminter Bolt-Action, a CVA Hunter Break-Action, a Mossberg MVP Series, or you prefer semiautomatic tactical rifles like the Smith & Wesson M&P, Colt LE6920, Ruger AR, Bushmaster QRC, Daniel Defense DDM4, or any other type of rifle that is chambered for .223 Remington or 5.56 ammunition, Georgia Arms can keep you stocked and fully loaded for whatever might come your way!

With almost identical dimensions as the NATO military 5.56x45mm cartridge, the .223 Remington (often pronounced “two-two-three” or “two-twenty-three”) is loaded with a 5.56 mm diameter jacketed bullet. In fact, most would concede you can actually fire our high-quality new or reloaded .223 Remington ammo for sale inside a rifle chambered for the 5.56 NATO, but firing 5.56 NATO rounds in a .223 caliber rifle may be unsafe or even harmful to the shooter, or the shooter’s rifle. So while every piece of Georgia Arms ammunition is quality control inspected to the utmost specifications and standards, it’s important to get the right ammo for your correctly chambered firearm. If you need help figuring out what bulk ammo you need to purchase, feel free to contact us, call us, or just stop on by the showroom! We can help!

Way back in 1962, Remington’s .223 caliber rifle cartridge was created to fill a hole in the world of small caliber/high velocity rifle ammunition. By 1963, the .223 was thought of so highly by the U.S. military with their adoption of the M16 assault rifle, Remington’s new bullet was an important, successful venture in the world of firearms and ammunition. In very much the same way, Georgia Arms was created in order to fill a void in the world of new and remanufactured ammunition. And since the very beginning, our mission has been to bring high-quality, full-specification ammo to gun enthusiasts like yourself, and to do it for the best possible prices! So whether you need a little, or you need a lot, Georgia Arms is your one-stop-shop for all the ammo you need, at prices you’ll love!