About Us

Georgia Arms

From the very beginning, our goal at Georgia Arms has been to offer only the very best, most scrutinized, quality controlled, bulk ammunition to you, our most valued ammo enthusiasts. And we strive every day to bring you the absolute highest quality at the absolute best prices.

All of our Georgia Arms ammunition is loaded using the finest American made components on the most precise equipment available. Every potential cartridge is double cleaned and put through a rigorous multi-point quality control inspection before it is even considered for new or remanufactured processing through our sophisticated, industrial, loading process. Only after further rigorous inspection will a piece of ammunition then be made available to the public. All of our lots are test fired to ensure performance, safety, and reliability.

While we ship our ammunition all over the country, and especially throughout the Southeastern United States, we are a local, friendly operation comprised of people we know and trust. We’re the kind of people you might want to go to the gun range with on the weekends. We take pride in our work. While the Georgia Arms family strives to offer our shooters the most reasonably affordable ammo possible, we refuse to sacrifice our quality to simply lowball our prices just to make a sale.

You see, we don’t believe that our duty ends when you decide to purchase your Georgia Arms Ammunition. We don’t believe our commitment to excellence ends when we ship it to your location. We don’t believe the buck stops when you open your new or remanufactured ammo. In fact, we don’t even think our commitment to you is finished when you load your correctly calibered ammo into your chamber. But when you successfully fire our Georgia Arms ammo rounds, and the bullets fly as straight and true as you aimed them, that is when we are fully pleased with our efforts. That’s how we feel about each round, and that’s how much care we put into each and every piece of ammo that bears the Georgia Arms name.

Show Room Location

15 Industrial Court E.
Villa Rica, GA. 30180

Mailing Address

Georgia Arms
P.O. Box 238
15 Industrial Ct. E.
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Hours of Operataion

Monday - Thursday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Friday 8:30am - 3:00pm

Saturday Showroom Only 8:30am 3:00pm

Closed Sunday

Contact Information

Phone: 770-459-5117

Fax: 770-459-1904

Email Address: inbox@georgia-arms.com